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original music + scoring | rerecords + remixes. Sonic branding 

Sound Post Production 

sound design | mixing | voice recording | 5.1 channel mixing  | radio production 

Music Supervision + Licensing

music searches | contract negotiation | artist liaisons + collaborations

Creative Community


Ronnie Fountenberry

Owner  IMDB | All Music

Ron Fountenberry is the owner and lead provocateur of Sounds Delicious. Ron began his career as a recording artist (signed to Interscope/ Modular Records: Wolf Mother, Cut Copy, Tame Impala....), later transitioning to advertising. An accomplished songwriter and composer, he is also (and most importantly) husband to Hannah and father to Moses + Simeon. His music has appeared in numerous television shows, films + commercials including Apple, Toyota, Google & Ford


Jason Begin

Jason Begin is a multi-instrumentalist and sound tinkerer. He covers many bases at Sound Delicious: Composer, Sound Designer, Mixer, Producer and more. He has released over 14 albums as “Vytear” - his experimental electronic music moniker, plays guitar in several touring bands, and runs his own sound laboratory in an undisclosed location in New Mexico. He has remixed Self, Beck, The Mars Volta, Apes & Androids, William Fields, Genghis Tron, We Are the Arm and more. His music + sound design work include: Google, Nike, Adidas, Acura, Target, Toyota, Ford, Subaru, and many more.


Lauren Culjak

Composer KotomiIMDB

Lauren Culjak is a Los Angeles based composer, artist, and producer. A classically trained pianist and self-taught producer, her sound palette ranges from industrial and gritty to ambient and orchestral. She composes music for film, television, advertisements, and is currently composing for The CW’s “Nancy Drew” series, Disney Plus series “Love Victor” (forthcoming), and feature film "Long Weekend". 


Rad Lazer

Creative Rad Lazer | Instagram

Rad Lazer is a boutique music production company owned and operated by Lizeth and Rafter Roberts-Santos and based out of a 6,500 sq ft music and video facility in San Diego, CA.  Rafter is Rad Lazer's lead producer and for the last 15 years has composed music for television, film, and for hundreds of spots with brands including Coke, Adidas, Ebay, Nike, Subway, McDonald's, Target, Kraft, Walmart, Visa, and many more. 



Drumetrics is a collective & record label producing sounds that can be categorized as a harmonious blend of electronic, psychedelic, funk & cinematic music inspired by the 1960’s. Masterminded by MRR (Michael Raymond Russell) Drumetrics aims to resurrect, recreate, and release music inspired by European Library Music of the 1960’s. Which created a raw minimal sound production that is sampler friendly for Producers, Television & Movie Scores.


Audio Anthem

Audio Anthem (Rafeal Brown) is a Grammy nominated Atlanta, GA based Music producer, sound designer, and composer. As a self-taught music producer, his sound palette ranges from Gospel, Jazz, and Soul to Hip hop and R&B. Anthem has produced music film and television Most recently for 20th-Century Fox's movie "The Hate U Give" as well for numerous other Tv shows. Anthem currently creates original soul sample packs for his sound design Company, " The Crate league" that has been featured on Songs for Univiseal def jam, Atlantic records, etc.


Hayley Moss

Creative Moss Music

Hayley Moss is an American Composer living and working in Los Angeles. Born and raised In New York City she has composed and produced, lush and powerful scores for film, television and theater. Hayley's musical scores have received numerous international accolades, including award-winning projects, and pairings with cutting-edge creative artists. Filmmakers, Directors and Choreographers have called upon her to compose sensual and lush, scores, which have become her trademark. Her scores energize and enhance while bringing the emotional content to life while bringing a modern sound to Film and Tv scores.


Kari Steinert 

Creative The Playroom

Kari has spent the last 20+years composing, arranging and producing music for advertising, television, movie trailers, independent films and multi-media where she's written music for many notable ad campaigns for Mastercard, Nike, At&t, Coke, Mercedes-Benz, M&Ms and many others and for TV networks such as National Geographic, The History Channel, CBS, Lifetime, WB, Bloomberg and Nick Jr. 


Lando Calrissian

Playboy A Galaxy Far Far Away

Lando isn't a musician, or even a Jedi, but we imagine if he made music he'd work at Sounds Delicious. His smooth intergalactic melodies would assuredly take the ad world by storm.  While Lando is a fictional character he's also what's known as an Easter Egg. If you've read this far, hooray, you will be rewarded.  Just send us an email and we'll buy you a free Starbucks coffee.